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Baron of Rio Branco

Baron of Rio Branco

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Fluminense politician and historian (1845-1912). It is one of the most influential personalities of the country during the Empire and early Republic.

José Maria da Silva Paranhos Junior (20/4 / 1845-9 / 2/1912) is born in the city of Rio de Janeiro, son of the Viscount of Rio Branco, a politician of renown in the Empire. Graduated in law in Recife. In 1869 is elected deputy by Mato Grosso. He became consul of Brazil in Liverpool, England, in 1876. With the proclamation of the Republic, he assumed the general superintendence of the Emigration Service to Brazil. Between 1893 and 1900, he was assigned to settle disputes over the territories of Seven Peoples of the Missions - between Brazil and Uruguay - and Amapá. He assures Brazilian rule in these areas and receives the title of Baron of Rio Branco in 1888. In 1902 he is appointed to head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Resolves in favor of the country the conflict with Bolivia for the possession of Acre and acts in other border issues with Venezuela and Colombia. Member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, he has authored several books on the history of Brazil. Dies in Rio de Janeiro.