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Legend of Victoria Regia

Legend of Victoria Regia

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Legend has it that an Indian named Naiá, contemplating the moon (Jaci) shining in the sky, falls in love with her.

According to the natives, Jaci descended to earth to search for a virgin and make her a star in the sky. When I heard this legend, I always dreamed that one day I would become a star beside Jaci.

So every night, Naiá leaves the house to contemplate the moon and wait for the moment of the moon to descend on the horizon and run to try to reach the moon. Each night Naiá repeated this search, until one night Naiá decides once again to try to reach the moon, that night Naiá sees the reflection of the moon in the waters of the stream and without hesitation plunges in an attempt to touch it and drowns. Jaci is touched by Naiá's efforts and turns her into the great flower of the Amazon, the Victoria Regia, which only opens its petals in the moonlight.