Extractivism in Brazil

Extractivism in Brazil

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Extractivism in Brazil is developed primarily in rural areas and is intended for the production of food and raw materials. It consists of the exploration, directly from nature, of products of plant, animal or mineral origin.

In general, the extractive activity is performed with reduced technology, that is, with the use of rudimentary equipment and techniques. In this case, it is characterized by being an activity with low productivity, which generates a limited income for those who practice it. The artisanal fishing practiced in the rivers and the coast, the gold mining of alluvium and the collection of leaves, fruits and resins extracted from plants and trees are examples of extractive activities that employ reduced technology.

However, some extractive activities, such as the exploration of oil and mineral deposits, require the application of large financial resources by private companies or the government, as they are possible only with the use of sophisticated equipment, advanced techniques and professionals specialized in the operation. of these machines and equipment. As production is done on a large scale, high yields are obtained.

Logging is the main extractive plant activity practiced in Brazil. The wood of noble trees, such as cedar, mahogany and cherry, are mainly taken from the Amazon region, causing the deforestation of large areas of forest.

The collection of other native plant products, such as rubber tree latex, carnauba, babassu, chestnut, acai and piassava, are examples of extractive activities that have little impact on the environment. Fishing is practiced in various regions of the country. This activity ensures the livelihood of many families and provides a rich source of food for the population.

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